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Working closely with you, we will create a roadmap for pursuing your goals based on sound investment and protection principles.

Because your needs, individual investments and the markets fluctuate over time, our job is to help you to make informed financial decisions using all the resources at our disposal.

Our process provides a framework for making decisions collaboratively and monitoring the outcome of those decisions over time. Each step involves interaction between our team, you and outside professionals, if needed.

Our Process

Step 1: Establish your core values and financial goals

We will listen carefully and conscientiously to your financial goals and concerns through face-to-face meetings, phone calls and written communication. We will encourage you to express concerns, hopes and goals. If some of your goals are competing, we will help you prioritize them.

Step 2: Gather financial information

Next, we will help you gather all your relevant financial information, both objective and subjective.

Step 3: Analyze information and create a financial plan

We will study your information, research and evaluate your alternatives, and then share our recommendations with you. We will identify the strengths and weaknesses in your current situation and examine how they’ll affect your ability to pursue your goals. If necessary, we will help you revise your goals.

Step 4: Present your financial plan and advise on investment and tax strategies*

Based on our dialogue, we will design a set of recommended strategies tailored to your circumstances and goals, including alternative ways of pursuing those goals.

Step 5: Implement

We will identify activities needed for implementation, coordinate needed information and select and secure products and/or services.

Step 6: Monitor and review

People, personal circumstances and the economy all change. It’s important to be prepared. We will be an active, committed partner in making sure your plan continues to help you reach your financial goals over time.

* For a comprehensive review of your personal situation, always consult with a legal or tax advisor. Neither Achieva Wealth Advisors nor any of its representatives may give legal or tax advice.

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