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Taking Care of Yourself Financially After Losing a Loved One

The following client scenarios are not specific to actual events and are not indicative of all client experiences. These examples are used to illustrate how an advisor at Achieva Wealth Advisors can potentially assist Achieva members with a variety of investment-related needs. Your results may differ substantially. We encourage you to seek personalized advice from qualified professionals regarding all personal finance issues.

The advisor can help her examine all of her financial statements to see where she was at financially. Once the advisor is certain that Elaine had paid all of her bills and filed all necessary claims, they can begin to analyze her situation. She wanted to downsize from her large home into a smaller condo, be able to live comfortably and plan for potential healthcare-related expenses in the future.

Her advisor can run an income analysis to understand what Elaine would need to live on. They then put together a comprehensive financial plan that manages and protects her assets, working with her attorney to assist when needed.

Throughout the process, the advisor will work closely with Elaine to explain her options in terms she could easily understand. Once a plan is in place, Elaine – and her children – can be more confident that she should be protected financially and able to manage her future without her husband.

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