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Starting Off Married Life on the Right Foot

The following client scenarios are not specific to actual events and are not indicative of all client experiences. These examples are used to illustrate how an advisor at Achieva Wealth Advisors can potentially assist Achieva members with a variety of investment-related needs. Your results may differ substantially. We encourage you to seek personalized advice from qualified professionals regarding all personal finance issues.

After a long engagement, high-school sweethearts Julia and Brandon were getting married. They realize getting married means planning for a smart future – not just picking out wedding flowers – so they can meet with an advisor from Achieva Wealth Advisors.

Their investment advisor can begin by asking a number of questions about their hopes, dreams and objectives. Julia and Brandon agreed that they wanted to take any gifts of cash and use it to buy a starter home. They also wanted to pay off student loans. One day they hope to have children and were already worried about how to pay for it.

After listening to these longer-term goals, along with some shorter-term goals involving paying for their wedding, their advisor can help them look over each of their finances. The advisor can discuss life insurance and recommend getting it once the couple purchases a house. In the event that something happened to one of them, life insurance would enable the other to pay the mortgage.

The advisor can also help come up with a basic retirement plan, recommending both Julia and Brandon start investing in their 401(k) at their jobs along with an additional Roth IRA. Because future children were still a long way off, their advisor may suggest revisiting college savings plans when they were expecting.

With a financial plan in place, these high school sweethearts could focus on their wedding day.

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